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7 Goals for a Successful Preview/Launch Call

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Launching your program or product with a preview call or webinar is a great idea because it will help you grow a list of targeted prospects, generate buzz, create anticipation, and position you as an expert. It will also give people a taste of who you are and what you are offering, making the purchasing decision easier for your potential clients.

When you craft the content of your preview call, make sure that it meets these 7 criteria:

Establish your credibility and position yourself as an expert. E.g. you can share your experience, share how you have helped your clients, or give a brief overview of your credentials (but don’t labor on that)

Connect with your audience personally and emotionally – a personal story sharing your own transformation in the same area serves this purpose well. When you tell people “about you”, it’s actually NOT about you. Your story has to show how your experience is relevant to helping them solve their problems.

Expose the problem that your product/program is solving – cultivate the awareness that there is a problem and that problem can be solved. If people don’t know that they have a problem, your solution is not relevant to them in their eyes.

Tell your audience why the products or programs that they may have tried are not giving them the desired results. Compare similar products or programs in the marketplace, and highlight a few reasons why they are not delivering the results. Later you will want to go back to answering these shortfalls with how your product and program are different and addresses these issues.

Teach a concept that creates a breakthrough/AHA – besides giving your audience a taste of what you have to offer, a great AHA moment also gets the audience to create a mindset shift that makes them more likely to take action with you.

Create a desire for the solution that you deliver. Paint a picture of what their lives will be after their challenges are resolved. Inspire your audience to make changes.

Build desire for your product – tell your audience why your solution is better (refer to #4), why you are the right person to solve their problem (you should have positioned yourself with #2), why you and your product is unique (some marketing research and interview your target market will give you some good insight. You can do a survey and ask your target market what they have tried, what worked and what didn’t – not only you gain some good info, you can also see how they describe their needs and their problems, which will help you later craft your sales message)

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