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Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Generate Revenue With Launch Content

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There are quite a few ways you can generate revenue directly or indirectly by sharing content that is relevant and valuable to your target market. To get the best results, position your content as a solution to a specific problem – one that your target market is struggling with. The more result-oriented, the better.

You can use content to launch a product or program – giving away free content allow people to get a taste of your offerings without any risk. You want to make them think if your free content is that good, what they can get by going through your paid materials. Don’t worry about giving away the farm – people need help not only in getting targeted information but also (more importantly) guidance and support on how to use the information and implement what they learn into their lives, leading to positive changes.

The two main ways of using content to launch a product or program that I will review today are teleseminar/webinar and blog posts:

Free Teleseminar or Webinar

The content, of course, should be related to your product, program, or service that you are launching. If appropriate, you want to devote a good amount of this content to cultivating awareness. Even if the problem that your service is designed to resolve is clear as day to you, your audience may not even realize that they have a problem that they need a solution for. Or, they may know that they are facing some challenges, but don’t know that a solution is just around the corner.

You also want to spend a little time sharing your story and connecting with your audience on a personal and emotional level. Remember, people buy with emotions. In particular, with something as personal as their health, it is not surprising that they need to feel that they can trust you.

Your content will also consist of the solution to the problem. Trust that you have a lot to offer and don’t worry about giving away the farm. You want your audience to walk away thinking that you are offering great value and your stuff works. Most likely you want to present a couple of actionable steps that your audience can implement easily so that they can experience first hand the results of your offerings.

Here are a couple of ways to think about structuring your content so you are providing great insight without giving away the farm:

Let’s say you have an X step system that you are teaching in a program. You can give your audience an overview of all the steps, how they work with each other to create powerful results and a preview of what they will get in each step if they work with you. Alternatively, you can focus your content on one of the steps of your system, and do a deeper dive. You would then introduce the importance of the other steps in the system, and how your program ties them together so that participants can achieve powerful results.

Blog posts and articles

You can write a blog post or a newsletter article to addresses a particular issue that your audience faces. One of your products or services will provide the next step to help your readers resolve this issue, so it will be natural for you to introduce it at the end of the article. You can include a brief description and link at the end of the post for readers who like your content and are looking for the next step with you to take action.

You can also use your blog posts as a way to “drip content” as part of your pre-launch activities. This will help you create anticipation and position you as an expert on the topic – leading up to your product or program launch. You would want to mention your product or program from time to time in your articles, and ask your readers to keep an eye out for the launch.

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