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CommerceMojo the Studio Quality Product Design Maker and Video Creator

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CommerceMojo has announced to the online business and eCommerce communities the World’s All-Inclusive Commerce Design Maker with Background Removal and Video Creator. CommerceMojo produces studio-quality visuals and videos in response to more and more businesses that are now flooding online to meet the needs of growing customers. According to Mack Zuckerberg, CEO of, Facebook “We are seeing a lot of small businesses that never had online businesses getting online for the first time.” Also Amy Shapero, CFO, Shopify has added her voice “The shift from offline to online commerce is accelerating.” In its research report, “MGD advertising found that 67% of customers believe that high-quality designs were very important when they made purchasing decisions.” Hitherto, most online businesses and eCommerce stores paid big for both product designs and video creation. Not anymore! CommerceMojo now provides a cheaper platform to produce high-quality product designs and videos without any professional help. CommerceMojo has been equipped with highly sophisticated technologies such as automatic background remover, image processor, image enhancer, design-builder, and video creator – all molded into one easy to use dashboard with no monthly payment or the need to hire expensive freelancers. Huge savings in costs. Now you can use CommerceMojo’s state of the art technologies to produce stunning product designs and videos for all online businesses. Also, you can use CommerceMojo to produce newly designed Facebook Shops to your taste to boost sales quickly.

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Users are now reporting the incredible experiences using CommerceMojo. “Fantastic Design App. The background remover is out of the world; I love it. Such a time saver.”

The key features of CommerceMojo Platform are:

. The powerful revolutionary AI infused tools help you to create stunning, studio-quality designs and videos for ecommerce products and adverts

. Automatically remove background from unlimited photos with unlimited enlargement of images up to 8 times its original size

. Include several professionally done templates to create high converting designs and videos

. Ready to use background music

. Pixabay integration (1Million + images)

. Unlimited projects and exports

. Get training with several video tutorials

-Full commercial rights, etc

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Businesses that have fallen in love with CommerceMojo are eCommerce store owners, Amazon or Shopify sellers, Video creators, Dropshipping business owners, Social media marketers, Facebook advertisers, Instagram posters, Website or blog owners, content marketers, etc. Start your own Commerce Design and Video Creation. Get CommerceMojo now available for a limited time before it goes to monthly subscription

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